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Sport Update

Parental support in Summerhill sports is crucial for children’s participation. Whether cheering from the sidelines or staying informed about games, parents play a vital role in nurturing their child’s interest in physical activity. This involvement provides not only psychological but also practical support, shaping a positive attitude towards fitness for life. The Sporting department at Summerhill encourages further parental engagement to enhance the sports experience for all involved.

Campus Developments

Let’s give a massive shout out to our phenomenal Grounds team for conjuring up an enchanting oasis right outside Forest Hall!

Hold onto your hats because our reception just got a turbocharged upgrade and boy, are we over the moon about it!!

Attention chess champs and strategists extraordinaire! Brace yourselves for the arrival of our electrifying new chess board in the Junior quad! It’s game on!
And that’s not all! Our tennis courts just got a jaw-dropping make-over, folks! Get your rackets ready for some serious ace action!
Let the excitement roar!

PREPARATORY | Mandela Day 2024
This year, our drive will focus on collecting 250 blankets before the 18 July, and look forward to your support in making this initiative a success. Students may donate new and previously loved blankets that are in good condition. The drive begins on the 7th of May and conclude on the 18th of July. Heart-to-heart points will be awarded to students.

“The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the greatest intention.” Nelson Mandela


Dear Parents,

Welcome back, to a new and exciting Term 2! We hope your little dynamos had an absolutely marvellous break, filled with rest, rejuvenation and laughter galore. Our school, with its empty buildings, was just not the same without their energetic presence!

As we leap into the vibrant month of May, prepare yourselves for an exhilarating journey packed to the brim! The scenery was set for the term on the first day back as our students were welcomed by staff in fresh classrooms, warm welcome notes followed by an engaging drumming experience. What a banging start it was!

Our illustrious Pillars of Value take centre stage as the focus of the month, alongside the jubilant celebrations of Mother’s Day, the warm partnership of parent teacher meetings, the boundless joys of World Outdoor lessons, and the spirited festivities of Africa Day! We also expand onto the cultural arena as we celebrate our student art and rehearse for our annual Montage.

Summerhill is so proud to see our little Jaylyn advance further in the National Eisteddfod and we wish her all the best! Sport is on the go with fixtures planned and this term’s outreach programme focusses on the Mandela Blanket Drive. We look forward to achieving the target of 250 blankets!

To all the incredible mums of Summerhill, we salute you, our hearts bursting with gratitude and admiration! This Sunday, may our Mother’s Day be as radiant and beautiful as you are. To our cherished school” teacher moms” and nurturing guardians alike, who don the cape of maternal love in the classroom, we extend our deepest thanks for the countless roles you play in shaping our community. Summerhill is endlessly grateful for the boundless love, deep care and nurture from our mums daily!

Here’s to a marvellous Month of May! Let the fun, learning, growth and celebrations continue!

Staff News


Congratulations to Mr Tshimangadzo Thomu for attaining his Bachelor of Information Sciences qualification. We are so proud of your achievements!

Congratulations to Ms de Wet who recently married her soul mate on the 20th April. She is now Mrs Stoltz. May you have many happy years together.

Student News

The first day at school exploded with excitement as Drum Busters unleashed a frenzy of rhythm, filling the field with joyous beats and infectious energy, setting the stage for an unforgettable term ahead.


Jaylynn has been progressing well through the phases of the National Eisteddfod Academy (NEA) Young Performer’s Awards Competition that have taken place over the last two months.
In a first ever for Summerhill, Jaylynn has been invited to the next step in this thrilling competition – the Semi-Finals.
We will all be holding thumbs with bated breath as she competes on the 8th of May 2024. Well done, Jaylynn! We are all very proud of your achievements and know you still have much to bring to the Eisteddfod stage!


During winter our outside “buddies” sometimes cannot go out to play due to cold or rain. We have already spent our budget for 2024 on board games for the children. Our DVD player is acting up and we need to replace it. We are also keen on adding a Wii console and 2 or 3 sporty games to make these days more fun. Any board games or other indoor or outdoor play items your family may have outgrown or no longer want (swingball, badmington, Jenga etc) would be well utilised and greatly appreciated. GREAT NEWS! In exchange a suitable amount of heart to heart points will be allocated for any donations received for our Aftercare Department AND you have the pleasure of reducing clutter caused by unwanted or outgrown items. A win for all!


Grade 7s were invited to a talk on Social Media – etiquette, guidelines and rules of behaviour that individuals should follow when using social networking platforms. In the age of digital communication, it is important to practise good etiquette online to maintain positive interactions and relationships with others. They learned some tips on how to safely navigate social media while following proper etiquette, such as being respectful, thinking before posting, protecting their privacy, verifying information before sharing, thoughtful engagement, monitoring their online presence and when to report and block inappropriate behaviour.


In a heart warming Mother’s Day event, Grade 1 students faced off against their Mums in a lively netball match on the 10th May 2024. Laughter filled the air as both teams dashed across the court, bonding over teamwork and friendly competition. After the game, everyone enjoyed muffins, tea, and water, capping off a delightful day of fun and memories. The smiles and laughter continued as they cherished the chance to spend quality time together. This special match was more than just a game; it strengthened bonds and created cherished memories, proving the power of love and laughter between a child and their Mum.

Upcoming Events


Mother’s day

Parent meetings JP
Car sticker check (Day 1/3)
Girls soccer Knockout cup round 2 TBA

Parent meetings JP and SP
Car sticker check (Day 2/3)
Boys soccer Knockout cup round 2 TBA
Girls soccer U13 Knock Out Round 1 @ Summerhill

Parent meetings JP and SP
Car sticker check (Day 3/3)
Boys Soccer @ Home
Discovery District Festival Boys

Parent meetings JP and SP
Discovery Festival for Boys
FAL Cycle Test
Mini soccer @ Jubilate
U10/11 Netball match – Pecanwood
U12/13 Netball match – Home game

Discovery Festival for boys
Girls U13 Soccer Team only @ Broadacres

World outdoor classroom week
Knockout Girls round 3 TBA

Chess @ Grayston Prep
Girls soccer Arena trials @ Reddam Waterfall

Boys soccer U9, U10, U11, U12, U13 @ Home and Blue Hills
Girls area trials for soccer @ Reddam Waterfall

English Cycle Test
Girls area trials at Reddam Waterfall
U10/11 Netball – home
U12/13 Netball – Kyalami Prep

U11 and U13 Girls soccer at Midrand Primary School
Africa Day dress up day
Mini Netball @ Christ Church