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“If we are to have bright children

we must teach them to think.”



At Summerhill, we believe that it is important to build both foundations and skills for learning and skills for life. Foundations and skills fall into two categories: dispositions and competencies. Dispositions refers to the personal, moral, social and emotional dimensions of our students. 

We believe that should we nurture, develop and encourage these aspects enabling our students to become ethical, reflective and empathetic citizens who have the ability to impact and transform the world around them. Competencies refers to the academic rigors of school life: literacy; numeracy and life skills such as: drama, music, Phys Ed and technical skills. At the Preparatory school – we focus on developing both the foundations and the skills of our students so that they are ultimately successful and flourish in high school and the college.



Dear Summerhill Preparatory School Community,

Welcome to Summerhill Preparatory, a place that has been a significant part of my life’s journey. As your Principal, I am honoured to lead an institution that embodies the very essence of what we stand for – a warm, nurturing family environment that offers a holistic educational experience.

My association with Summerhill Preparatory School began in May 2001, when I joined as a Grade 2 Educator. Over the years, I have witnessed the school’s evolution and growth, and I have been a steadfast advocate of our commitment to excellence in education. It has been a remarkable journey, and I have had the privilege of working alongside dedicated colleagues who share my passion for nurturing the potential within our students.

Our school has always been more than just a place of learning. It’s a haven where students are encouraged to explore the beauty of nature, from our wetlands to our bat and bee hotels. We embrace an eco-friendly ethos, with initiatives like our worm farm and the cultivation of food gardens. Our nature-based cross-country track and forest obstacle course provide opportunities for outdoor adventure and learning. Our commitment to the environment is a core aspect of our identity, and we proudly carry the endorsement of WESSA. Our goal is to achieve a gold status through our ongoing environmental efforts.

The heart of our school is our dedicated, professional, and highly qualified teaching staff. We are a proud member of ISASA, IEB, and CIE, and we are affiliated with ADHASA, reflecting our commitment to offering a rich and diverse school experience for your child.

Our curriculum is not just about academics; it’s an invitation for our students to become active initiators and participants in their own learning journey. We encourage curiosity, engagement, and personal growth. Our students are more than just scholars; they are ethical, reflective, and empathetic citizens who have the power to impact and transform the world around them.

Our affiliations with Thinking Schools South Africa, participation in national events like the Eisteddfod, and involvement in outreach community projects, including participating in national blanket drives and winning the regional Mpact paper recycling competition, are testaments to our commitment to well-rounded education.

Summerhill Preparatory School is not just an institution; it’s a family, a team of students, staff, teachers, and parents who have created a unique and magical environment. As your Principal, I am excited to lead this extraordinary community. Together, we will continue to build on the strong foundation that Summerhill has laid over the years, ensuring a bright and successful future for all.

Thank you for entrusting me with this responsibility, and I look forward to the exciting journey ahead.

Janessa Naidoo-Rajeev 


Summerhill Preparatory School.



Developing People who can Think for Themselves

Summerhill is committed to nurturing potential and developing students who can think for themselves. The dedicated teachers have no more than 24 -26 students in a class and can therefore help develop individual strengths. Summerhill believes that excellent English, as a means of written, read and spoken communication is vital in today’s world.

Developing People who can Judge for Themselves

At Summerhill, we guide our students to come to their own realisations about what is right and wrong conduct. Having the personal integrity to choose the right values will lead to a successful and stable life. Summerhill is committed to a ‘zero tolerance’ of bullying and our students are mentored to recognise, reject and rise above behaviour that does not uplift and support the dignity of others.

Developing People who can Express their Creative Potential

Summerhill is passionate about aesthetic and creative expression. Through Summerhill’s Creative Arts offering, each student’s cultural skills are developed and explored to their full potential. Our annual Art exhibition and whole school Montage performances are highlights on the Summerhill calendar.
“A culture is only as great as its dreams, and its dreams are dreamed by artists.”

Developing People who can Fulfil the Demands of the Technological Age

At Summerhill we know that the leaders of tomorrow will include those who are most agile and adaptive in the fast-moving and ever-changing society of technological advancement. Our teaching methodologies include experiential, enquiry and problem based learning approaches. These encourage engaged, active learning practices where students learn to take the initiative in their own learning experiences developing; Problem Solving, Critical and Creative Thinking, Communication and Evaluation Skills.
“Knowledge is more than data; it is also the ability to draw conclusions.”

Developing People who can Meet the Sporting Challenge

Summerhill encourages sporting achievement and constantly works to improve the school’s facilities. Professional sports coaches are employed and seasonal games are played. Sport grips the imagination and interest of the entire world. Every child at Summerhill is encouraged to take part in games, with a view to creating winners and sportsmanlike behaviour.
“When children become unimportant in a society, that society has forfeited its future.”

Developing People who can Value and Conserve

Summerhill is situated within an exclusive country estate. Our safe and secure environment ensures peace of mind. Summerhill is non denominational and an atmosphere of religious tolerance prevails, making it safe and comfortable for everyone. The policy of the school is to respect the religious beliefs of others. Summerhill upholds the right of families to choose and practise their own religious beliefs. Summerhill emphasises consciousness of the natural environment and its preservation. Field trips and Wildlife experiences are a vital part of the Summerhill programme.
“Man has reached the potential capacity to destroy the planet. He must be pushed on up to the capability and actions of saving it.”



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