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for children and parents alike!

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We emphasize the social, emotional, language, sensory, motor, cognitive and creative development of each individual. We offer small classes, a tranquil, secure environment, personal attention, gross motor skills through the “Buzzi Bodies” program, a fully equipped living classroom, sports & games, swimming and soccer, educational shows, workshops and music.

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Our Nursery School Pupils are children who can:

Think for themselves

Judge for themselves

Express their creative potential

Become technologically aware

Value and conserve the natural environment and its living creatures.




A warm welcome to our nursery school space!

My name is Sonya Toet, affectionately none as Mrs Toetie Fruittie by the children, and it is my honour in being the Principal of the Nursery School.

I have been with Summerhill School for 14 years having started as a Lead Grade One Teacher. I was privilege to train alongside Eda Gonsalves (the founding Principal for the first 21 years) for a year before I took up the position as Principal of the Nursery School.

Summerhill Nursery School was established in 1994 to provide Summerhill Prep with well-rounded children who were fully ready for the challenges of Grade One.

Our children are given every opportunity to develop to their best potential intellectually, physically, emotionally and socially through a varied curriculum.

Creative work and more formal learning are enhanced by Process Art, music, computer lessons, LEGO Steam robotics, physical activities, such as Buzzi Bodies and our Integrated sports programmes, to mention but a few. All of these activities form part of our fun-filled curriculum that is built around play and interactive monthly workshops.

We pride ourselves in providing our children with solid, old-fashioned values, good manners and respect for adults and for one’s environment.

All the above is achieved in a loving, nurturing environment for children and parents alike!

Sonya Toet

Summerhill Nursery School.

ADMISSION AGE FOR EACH GRADE between January to December

Grade 0000 must be at a confident walking stage turning 3 years old
Grade 000 must be 3 years old turning 4 years old
Grade 00 must be 4 years old turning 5 years old
Grade R must be 5 years old turning 6 years old
Grade 1 must be 6 years old turning 7 years old



6:30am – 7:30am Early morning care at the Nursery School
7:30am – 8:30am School starts with fine motor activities and games
8:30am-9:30am Good Morning Lesson and Theme Discussion, Formal Work Period and Group Interaction with Teacher – Children practise fine motor skills: colouring, cutting, pasting and increase their abilities in numeracy, literacy and life skills. Other activities include news time, Show and Tell, puzzle building, educational games.
9:30am Toilet & washing hands
9:30am-10:00am Snack time


10:00am – 10:30am Outdoor Play.
Gross Motor Activities: Practising of fundamental skills needed to play cricket, soccer, tennis and swing ball. Constructive use of jungle gym and swings. Imaginative games with friends. Dressing up, pouring and measuring water, digging and moulding in sandpit.
10:30am – 11:45am

Indoor Constructive Play.
This is an extremely busy learning through play period with a choice of activities including:

Fine Motor Activities: Jigsaw puzzles, educational games, wooden blocks, dough, cutting out creatively, drawing or pasting, use of certain Montessori equipment.

Creative Activities: The child explores different creative media – paint, glue, pastels, wax crayons, waste material construction, and so on.

During the week, the children participate in extra-mural activities, which are included in the school fees – class swimming (for Grade 0,00 and 000), water activities (for Grade 000 and 0000), Buzzi Bodies – Gross Motor / Preparatory Sports Skills Programme (All Grades), introduction to computers (Grade 00 and 0), Library (All Grades), movement to music, percussion with Sunshine Drama (All Grades). LEGO STEAM programme with coding and robotics, Mathseeds and Reading Eggs (Grades 0 and 00). These are offered during the school day before 1:15pm.


The Grade 000s and 0000s sleep (parents supply a blanket and pillow)

11:45am-12:00pm Toilet & washing hands
12:00am-12:30pm Lunch break
12:30am-1:15pm Pack up and tidy classroom
1:15pm Home time, all extra murals finished.

Summerhill School buses leave (*1:00pm on Fridays). 

6:30am -3:00pm

Half Day Programme (Account billing)

6:30am -5:30pm

Full Day Programme (Account billing)



What do parents think of Summerhill Nursery?

My kids have had such an amazing experience at the school, thank you to the teachers for their love towards our little ones!

Thank you particularly to Teacher Rosa for helping my son through such a difficult period and holding his hand through this year. 🥰

Lungile Mbatha

Good day Teacher Sandra,

Thank you to have laid a strong foundation for me to fly into Grade 1. I have landed safely and the past nine months have been a breeze of fresh air.

You are an Angel that let me rest on your strong wings while I was learning to fly on my own.

I love and miss you dearly.

Ngula Mabasa

Dear Connie, Nomzamo & Lesedi,

We do not have enough words to express our sincere gratitude for all the love and care you gave Simeon in the Red Foxes class. He has really blossomed into an amazing “big” boy. Daily we are surprised by his development and we firmly believe that it is because of the good foundation it has been built on.

Connie, his other mommy, I wish in many ways that you could just go with him wherever he goes. Your wonderful heart and patience have carried him, guided him and given him all the comfort he needed. You are truly one of a kind!

Lesedi & Nomzamo – you two are fantastic. Juggling your own children and ours. I take my hat off to you! I sometimes have so many emotions with just one. Thank you so much for your patience and care.
I am grateful that Simi will still see you daily in some way or another. He is very fond of all of you.

As we leave you with the other precious young ones to give the same care, blessings to all of you.

Chantelle & André



M-F: 8am – 3pm



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Cnr. 8th and 10th Roads
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