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Bee Kind…Save the Bees!

It was a sweet day for the Grade 0’s of Summerhill Nursery on Thursday, 28 March, as they presented their science fair projects. This year’s theme was Bee Kind…Save the Bees.
The children began the process by learning all about bee conservation. Their aim was to design and create something to save the bees. The results were a fantastic array of bee hotels, bee hydration stations and planters to attract the bees. According to www.earth.com, there are a few species of bees that are endangered. Changes in the environment are making it more difficult for the bees to survive.
Leading up to the science fair, the children attended a show to learn about the life cycle of bees. A beekeeper introduced the children to the inner workings of a beehive and how the bees produce honey. The beekeeper demonstrated the use of the right safety equipment and showed the children how a smoker works.  She also explained the roles of the queen, drone and worker bees and how they produce honey. A grade 0 student, Tharika Ramiah said, “I learnt that bees can be dangerous if you don’t wear a bee suit and smoke is used before we can take the honey.” The children also got to taste honey.
A science fair at nursery school level is a great way to introduce children to scientific concepts and the process of investigation. The project is broken down into stages involving research, finding the right materials and a conclusion of the results. At the end of the process, the children are able to draw a conclusion and even discuss improvements for future use.