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Dear Summerhill Preparatory Community

We hope you had a fabulous February, and obtained the relaxation and rejuvenation needed, over mid term break.

The month of February focussed on friendship , anti-bullying awareness and celebrating Founder’s Day. We now look forward to completing the other half term with a “Marvelous March”.


Thanks to all who contributed to this Prep school “arrival experience.”


We are super proud of the students and teachers who achieved outstanding results in our international benchmark tests.

Certificates of achievement were awarded at assembly.

Congratulations to all!


(January – February)

Top Achievers:

  • Grade 4 – Yesharya Pillay
  • Grade 5 – Tanyaradzwa Mamombe
  • Grade 6 – Lalith Seshabhatter
  • Grade 7 – Aryan Govender


Yesharya Pillay

Congratulations students!


A special assembly was held for our school founder Mrs Sonja Morshead.

Our students assembled and sang beautifully.


Mrs Morshead was passionate about education and decided to create a school that not only taught children knowledge in different subjects but also taught children how to learn for life. Mrs Morshead took pride in teaching from the premise:

“To study is not just recalling facts, to study is to look at something you are learning about, to read about it, to ask questions, and to think before you write about it.”

Mrs Morshead also loved neat handwriting, and this is why we teach Marion Richardson handwriting at our school.

Every year, Mrs Morshead celebrates her birthday on 24 February, which is now called Founder’s Day at Summerhill, as she was the first principal of Summerhill.

Mrs Knott, who has been teaching at the school for 31 years, shared the story of Summerhill with us.

Once upon a time, our school started where the McDonald’s near the Boulders shopping center is. It was called the Little Red House School. In 1991, Mr and Mrs Morshead bought our current property, which was once a farm with a farmhouse and so Summerhill Preparatory and Nursery was established.

The College was developed in the later years. Mrs Morshead designed our logo, which is a tree with many branches symbolic of the different aspects of our school. She also created the motto “Ability released”. This is when our mascot, Sammy Summerhill was created to represent ideal Summerhill behaviour and how to be a super thinking bear.”


The fun will start with our first egg hunt on the 5th of March. As usual, the students can look forward to egg hunts, spot prizes, and the raffle draw. The second egg hunt will take place on the 19th of March.

The student who finds an Easter egg with a gold sticker will receive a spot prize.

Our Bunny Raffle will take place on the 10th of April. The prize for the raffle draw will be a R750 voucher. Every student will automatically have two entries into the Bunny Raffle Draw as part of their PA levy. Should a student wish to have a third or more entries into the raffle draw, their parents should send in R100 (per entry) and a request letter to Deborah.


  • 1st Hunt 5th March
  • 2nd Hunt 19th March
  • Final Raffle Draw 10 April


What fantastic results for our U13 and U9 Cricket teams who won against Christ Church last week. We sent both our boys and girls Tennis teams to Amberfield College last Wednesday and they won all their matches.

To top off our splendid week of success, the Junior girls soccer team won 4-0 at Beaulieu Prep. We are cheering all our sports teams on for the next upcoming matches. A big shout out to all our teams!

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In a bustling school playground, Blacksmith Plovers have disrupted student routines by nesting in a coveted spot on the Grade 1 and 2 playground. Initially endearing, tensions have risen as the birds’ protective behaviour clash with student activities. Teachers and students alike, are enchanted with the newly hatched baby birds. However, finding a solution to the unavailable playground has been an exciting adventure. Grade 1 and 2 students are happily playing on the big field while we await the departure of our nesting friends. Despite this initial discord, our Summerhill community has found harmony as we witness the birds’ resilience and the importance of coexistence. The avian intruders will eventually leave behind an empty nest, but their legacy of unity will inspire appreciation for nature’s wonders and the bonds that connect us all, until they return next year again!

Mrs Sam Martins

Grade 4 Educator