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As the February breeze ushered in a day of reflection and celebration, we found ourselves wrapped in the warmth of gratitude and admiration. Founders Day, celebrated every year on the 24th of February, resonates deeply within the heart of Summerhill Nursery, Preparatory, and College, marking not just the passage of time but the profound impact of a visionary – Mrs. Sonja Joy Anderson-Morshead.  

A Joyful Tribute The echoes of laughter and melody that filled the air on this special day were a testament to the spirit of unity and appreciation that defines our community. Our staff and children outdid themselves with a heartwarming rendition of the birthday song, honouring Mrs. Morshead in a way that truly captured the essence of her dream. The flawless execution of this year’s celebrations was a sight to behold, embodying the joy and dedication that Mrs. Morshead instilled in the very foundations of Summerhill.

A Legacy of Love and Learning

On this day, we not only celebrate the birth of our esteemed founder and first principal but also reflect on the legacy she has left behind. Mrs. Morshead’s vision in 1992, to create a nurturing environment where children could learn for life, has blossomed into the vibrant community we are proud to be a part of today. Her dedication to education and the well-being of every child who walks through our doors continues to inspire our path forward.

Growing Together As we mark Founders Day, we are reminded of the roots that ground us and the aspirations that propel us forward. It is a day to acknowledge our journey, the milestones we’ve achieved, and the dreams we continue to chase. Mrs. Morshead’s intentions for Summerhill, steeped in love, excellence, and innovation, guide us as we strive to nurture the next generation of thinkers, leaders, and dreamers.

Looking Ahead As the celebrations fade into cherished memories, our commitment to Mrs. Morshead’s vision remains unwavering. We stand on the shoulders of a remarkable woman whose legacy has shaped not just a school, but a community of lifelong learners and compassionate individuals. Here’s to many more years of honouring her memory, her passion for education, and her profound impact on our lives. Together, let’s continue to make Summerhill a place where every child can flourish, inspired by the love and dedication of our beloved founder, Mrs. Sonja Morshead. Happy Founders Day!