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From the desk of Mrs. Sonya Toet   Principal Summerhill Nursery School – coordinated by Rosa Adonis grade 0 


Summerhill Nursery School Grade 0 students recently showcased their creative prowess in the Santam Art Competition, with this year marking the first time these young artists participated in the prestigious event. This awesome initiative was coordinated by  Rosa Adonis the Grade 0 teacher. The theme of the competition was “What the World Needs Now,” encouraging the children to reflect on what they believed was lacking in the world and to envision what could make it a better place.

Under the guidance of their passionate teachers, the Grade 0 students delved into the world of “Process Art.” This approach to art focuses on the creative process itself, emphasising exploration, spontaneity, and individual expression over the final product. Each child was given the freedom to think and feel deeply about their response to the theme and translate their thoughts onto paper using various artistic mediums.

The results were nothing short of extraordinary; the artwork exuded creativity, imagination, and genuine concern for the world we live in. One young artist, Tannaya, recognised the importance of literacy and decided to express her vision with books. She explained, “Some people don’t have books to read, and I love books and stories. If we have more books, everyone can read and learn.”

Thandoluhle, on the other hand, chose to represent the world’s need for more flowers, with her artwork showcasing a vibrant garden. When asked about her choice, she smiled and said, “Flowers smell nice, and the world should smell nice too. If we have more flowers, the world will be beautiful and smell amazing!”

Young Khesande used her artistic talent to draw a picture of trees, symbolizing her concern about deforestation. She spoke passionately about the need to plant more trees to combat deforestation and create a sustainable future for all living beings.

The Grade 0 students didn’t stop there; their creativity knew no bounds. Among the other remarkable ideas depicted in their artwork were more houses, moms, butterflies, and even T-rexes, showcasing the children’s boundless imagination and diverse perspectives.

The Santam Art Competition’s brief, inspired by the lyrics of the classic song “What the World Needs Now Is Love,” challenged the young artists to consider other aspects the world could benefit from.

The brief:

  • “What the world needs now is love, sweet love. It’s the only thing that there’s much too little of.”
  • What else does the world need more of? Ice cream flavours? Flowers and trees? Jokes to laugh at?
  • Peace and harmony?
  • Show us by drawing or painting a picture.

As the children continued to pour their hearts and souls into their artwork, their passion for peace and harmony also shone through. Many of their drawings and paintings depicted scenes of people holding hands, embracing one another, and living together in unity.

Process Art allowed the Grade 0 students to express themselves authentically, without limitations or expectations. This freedom nurtured their confidence and encouraged them to explore their creativity fearlessly. The nursery school’s art program proved to be a powerful platform for these young minds to raise their voices and share their hopes and dreams for a better world.

The anticipation and excitement among the students are palpable, as they eagerly await the announcement of the competition results. The thought of winning R3000 for their school and having their artwork featured in Santam’s 2024 Child Art Calendar is a dream that motivates and inspires them.

The art displayed by these young artists is a poignant reminder that even the smallest voices can make a significant impact. Their colourful, imaginative expressions call upon all of us to consider the world we live in and the positive changes we can bring about.

The future looks brighter with the creative minds of Summerhill Nursery School Grade 0s leading the way. Their “Art Attack” on the theme “What the World Needs Now” leaves us hopeful and optimistic, knowing that the seeds of change have already been planted in their young hearts and minds.

May we all learn from these young artists and be inspired to work towards a world filled with love, compassion, and a touch of magic from the realms of imagination.