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From the desk of  Ms Preya Pillay – Event Co-ordinator and Grade 6 Educator


On the 2nd of May, a transformative journey began for the grade 6 students at Summerhill School as they embarked on a week-long exploration of the esteemed “10 Pillars of Value.” Under the guidance of their dedicated educators—Ms. Pillay, Ms. Mtshali, and Mrs. Murisa—the students delved into the significance of these pillars and why they should be ingrained in their daily lives. This immersive experience proved to be an exhilarating challenge, igniting enthusiasm and leaving an indelible mark on their young minds.

A Journey of Discovery: The grade 6 students eagerly absorbed the wisdom behind the 10 Pillars of Value, which served as guiding principles for their personal growth and development. As they embarked on this transformative journey, their teachers took them on a captivating expedition through each pillar, illuminating their purpose and fostering a deep understanding of their significance.

Engaging Assembly: After a week of introspection and exploration, the students were given the opportunity to share their newfound insights with the entire school community. On the memorable day of the 10th of May, five exceptional individuals—Rinae Tshivhase, Noeleen Madziwa, Yashir Rampiari, Smisosenkosi Mlambo, and Sophiya Sheikh—displayed remarkable courage by delivering inspiring speeches on the 10 Pillars of Value during a special assembly. The school applauded the brave students as these young leaders fearlessly expressed their thoughts, captivating their peers with their heartfelt messages.

Unleashing Character: The 2023 Pillars of Value Grade 6 Focus Week proved to be a catalyst for personal growth and character development among the students. Beyond merely understanding the pillars intellectually, the students began to internalise these values and reflect them in their actions, forging a path towards becoming responsible and compassionate individuals. Through this immersive experience, they discovered the immense power of empathy, integrity, respect, and other essential values that form the foundation of a harmonious society.

A Lasting Impact: As the focus week ended, the impact of this transformative journey reverberated throughout the school. The grade 6 students emerged with a renewed sense of purpose and a deeper appreciation for the significance of the 10 Pillars of Value. Their enlightening speeches and displays of courage during the assembly left an indelible impression on their peers, inspiring a ripple effect of positive change within the school community.

The 2023 Pillars of Value Grade 6 Focus Week at Summerhill School embodied the spirit of growth, enlightenment, and character development. Guided by their dedicated teachers, the grade 6 students embarked on an awe-inspiring journey, exploring the tenets that form the bedrock of a well-rounded individual. Their enthusiastic participation, culminating in their captivating speeches during the assembly, showcased their courage, resilience, and burgeoning leadership skills. Through this experience, these young individuals not only absorbed invaluable life lessons but also became torchbearers, igniting the flame of character and empathy within their school community and beyond.