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This day the 24th February 2023 will mark Founders Day for Summerhill Nursery, Preparatory and College going forward. We celebrate birthdays to mark the passage of time and to recognise the gift of a life.

On this day we will be remembering Summerhill’s longevity and our good fortune in being part of this remarkable school. Today is the birthday of our esteemed founder and first principal Mrs Sonja Joy Anderson-Morshead [BA (Unisa) HED (Wits)].

The celebrations will grow on this day to honour her intentions for years to come as a tribute to how the past has defined our future.

Mrs Morshead established the school in 1992 based on a vision of creating a nurturing space for children to learn for life.



Summerhill’s underlying educational philosophy as prescribed by Mrs Morshead:

“To create an educational environment, which respects all religious beliefs, fosters integrity, decency and courage, and allows each student to flourish, prosper and ultimately realise their full potential and ability as leaders.

Our motto: Ability Released.

Our Mission Statement: “To provide students with a limitless horizon and the means to open doors to any field of achievement.”

Our Vision: To raise the ability, initiative and cultural level in the education process, so that the students may thrive and be part of raising the survival level of society. We, therefore, make it our goal to help develop people who can think, judge and express their artistic and creative potential, meet the sporting challenge and finally, value and conserve their natural environment and its living creatures.

I have confidence that our highly trained team of educators will ensure that each student is nurtured to reach their full potential.”