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From the desk of Mrs. Sonya Toet Principal Summerhill Nursery School


Shaking, stamping, rolling, mixing, experimenting and many more fun techniques forms the basis of all our art at Summerhill Nursery School. It’s called Process Art and it is an open ended art experience where the child is in control of what is created instead of you giving them step by step directions and assistance.

We focus on the art process, in which a child naturally goes through, instead of the end result. The tools are provided and we let them get lost in the experience.

The benefits of Process Art include; independence, self-regulation, Creative thinking, learning, experimentation, confidence and motor skills.

Now, just because the focus is not on the end appearance, that doesn’t mean that you cannot appreciate the outcome! By examining the finished art work with your child, looking at the lines and texture that are left behind and talking about which objects made it look that way, we will teach our budding artist the true meaning of self-expression.