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From the desk of Ms Teressa Oates – Event Co-ordinator


On the 22nd and 23rd of September our Summerhill students had the marvellous opportunity to showcase their skills in one of our favourite annual school events – the NEA Eisteddfod. And what a glorious time we all had!

Our Adjudicator, Esmeralda Bihl, famous for her roles in Yizo Yizo 2, Generations, Justice for All, Onder Draai die Duiwel Rond, Behind the Badge and Sorted, caused a buzz of recognition amongst parents, students and even the odd staff member or two. As a seasoned actress with several prestigious awards under her belt, she was well qualified to adjudicate. We were delighted when she expressed her surprise and pleasure at the standard of performances she adjudicated, from the grade 0 classes to the college students. It was high praise indeed to hear our students had a very good level of performance and that the students and teachers could and should be proud of the results of their combined efforts.Congratulations to the following individuals and classes that were the highlight of their respective day and were pre-selected to perform at the NEA Young Performer’s Showcase Awards taking place in early 2023, where they will compete against finalists from all over Gauteng:

22 September 2022 (In order of ranking for the day)

  • Grade 2V – Mrs Sam Martins
  • Angelique Golabek 4S – Individual Poem
  • Grade 6G – Ms Preya Pillay

23 September 2022 (In order of ranking for the day)

  • Angelica Klaaste 2V – Individual Poem
  • J’nai Prins 2S – Individual Poem
  • Ayan Singh 3G – Individual Poem
  • Neo Mpai 5V – Individual Poem

We also wish to congratulate the following classes and students on their excellent performances. Together, in true Summerhill style, we achieved:

18 x JUNIOR DIPLOMA (In class order Grade 0 to Grade 3 with a 90% plus score)

  • Grade 0G Ms Sandra Nkwinika
  • Grade 2G Mrs Jané Britz
  • Grade 2S Mrs Vanessa Singh
  • Grade 2V Mrs Sam Martins
  • Lekhobo, Bothlale 1G
  • Mack, Tau 1G
  • Mlambo, Thando 1G
  • Mamombe, Anotida 1V
  • Ngoma, Abigail 1V
  • Kabongo, Gabriella 2S
  • Makhele, Reese 2S
  • Mpala, Anele 2S
  • Prins, J’Nai 2S
  • Klaaste, Angelica 2V
  • Nair, Arjun 2V
  • Nyatsambo, Praise 2V
  • Singh, Ayan 3G
  • Sewchurn, Janavi 3V

10 x DIPLOMA (In class order Grade 4 to Grade 12 with a 90% plus score)

  • Grade 4G Mrs Paulette Moonsamy
  • Grade 6G Ms Preya Pillay
  • Naude-Serena, Kiva 4G
  • Ramsugit, Desna 4G
  • Golabek, Angelique 4S
  • Mistry, Jiana 4V
  • Mafaiti, Rufaro 5V
  • Mpai, Neo 5V
  • Zvavashe, Edith College IGSE 2
  • Singh, Tashika College AS1

46 x GOLD CERTIFICATES (In class order Grade 0 to College with a 80% to 89% score)

  • Grade 0B Mrs Caressa Govender
  • Grade 1G Mrs Olivia Mutambiranwa
  • Grade 1V Mrs Louise Riley
  • Grade 3G Mrs Sadie Naidoo
  • Grade 3S Mrs Gabby Prinsloo / Mrs Deshmeé Chetty
  • Grade 3V Mrs Renate Knott
  • Grade 4S Ms Phumelele Mtshali
  • Grade 4V Ms Donna Naidoo
  • Grade 5G Mr David Bolton
  • Grade 5S Ms Christine de Waal
  • Grade 5V Ms Anisha Doorsamy
  • Grade 6S Ms Leigh Jones / Mr Derrick Pötscher
  • Grade 7G Ms Mariska Willers
  • Grade 7S Mr Sabelo Ndlovu
  • Matsinya, Konke 0G
  • Vandayar, Vareya 0B
  • Golabek, Zachary 1G
  • Shabangu, Mixo 1G
  • Mwaluku, Rugare 1V
  • Nomeva, Bontle 1V
  • Ramluckan, Mahir 1V
  • Mupandawana, Amalia 2G
  • Mdlovu, Kwezi 2G
  • Sabela, N’Wayitelo 2V
  • Abdoorahaman, Aria 3G
  • Mabalane, Lelomo 3G
  • Ngoma, Khanyisile 3G
  • Tsekoa, Katleho 3G
  • Chetty, Misha 3S
  • Naidoo, Zyler 3S
  • Chimakurthy, Akshara 3V
  • Frank, Jordan 3V
  • Mamombe, Tanyaradzwa 3V
  • Radebe, Luphiwo 3V
  • Capazario, Tara 4G
  • Seshabhatter, Lalith 4G
  • Makuwe, Lesedi 4S
  • Mangwanya, Kuziva 4S
  • Mamabolo, Phenyo 4V
  • Mohunraju, Varun 4V
  • Ramatong, Kearabecwe 4V
  • Nyembe, Siyanda 5G
  • Sewchurn, Sonali 5S
  • Mutambiranwa, Tariro 5S
  • Mpala, Zoleka 6G
  • Daya, Kavita 7G
  • Prins, Chloe 7S

We look forward to the next chapter in the Eisteddfod – the NEA Young Performer’s Awards, where we hope to see our Summerhill stars continue to shine brightly!

Well done to all our teachers and students!