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From the Desk of Ms Mariska Willers – Head of Grade 7


It was a pleasure to be back at Camp Discovery after so long! The students were refreshed and well-rested after their August holiday and ready for a fun week. Our Grade 7 students’ camp focussed on team-building activities and how to work together in groups.

On our first day, the students attended various activities that allowed them to use their navigation skills and tracking abilities. They tied this in with meaningful group activities that lead to developing and enhancing each and every student’s leadership skills and teamwork. It was a very hot day and the swimming sessions and tuckshop breaks were welcomed by all.

Tuesday was a very eventful day! Students tackled the obstacle course and really enjoyed getting dirty and very muddy. Many students overcame their fears as they took on the daunting zip-line into muddy waters. The students had lots of fun playing water games and swimming after lunch. The evening ended with a night march and games around the campfire.

Wednesday was our last full day at Camp Discovery. The Grade 7s started the day with a personality test, followed by rifle shooting and archery. They continued to compete in group activities that showed what great spirit our Grade 7s have. After lunch, the students enjoyed a scavenger hunt and volleyball. Lastly, they ended the night with an entertaining fashion show and incorporated a variety of acts including a comedy skit, singing and dancing.

On Thursday, everyone ate their breakfast, made their way to the tuckshop and packed their bags before returning to school. One thing is for sure, Camp Discovery never disappoints and it will be a trip to remember for years to come!