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From the Desk of Mrs Olivia Mutambiranwa Head of Grade One and Event Co-ordinator

The 11th of June 2022 was a magical day! In an advance celebration of Father’s Day, Grade 1 fathers traded their suits and work clothes for soccer jerseys and boots to showcase their dribbling skills in an exciting match with their Grade 1 children. The students were equally eager and prepared for the match.

When the referee blew the whistle to mark the beginning of the match, the young bones took control of the game as the older buddies struggled with chasing the ball.

The children had so much fun and would frequently run and bump into the bellies of their much more senior opponents. The parents could not cope with the speed, skills and energy of their opponents. Although the older opponents kicked the ball harder, lack of coordination cost them as the junior team was victorious. Better game next time dads!

The Grade 1G and 1V dads had a match against each other and the children passionately supported their parents. There were a lot of collisions and ball-missing incidents in the match, but the dads and their faithful supporters enjoyed every minute of the match.

After the soccer matches, donuts and water were served to the dads, who thoroughly enjoyed the “meal”.

This was an absolutely unforgettable event!

The Grade Five students read Father’s Day quotes. They then picked their favourites and made beautiful and colourful cards for our Superhero dads. They also spoke about the importance of family and those they love.

The Grade Six students designed and decorated unique medals for dad to show how special their superstar dads are to them.

The Grade Seven students spent the week colouring mindfulness Father’s Day cards. Once completed they wrote a heartfelt message to their father to give to them on Father’s Day.

We hope that all Summerhill dads had an amazing Father’s Day, and felt the admiration and appreciation from our Summerhill students.