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Imagine that every child has a cup that needs to be filled with affection, love, security and attention. Some have a full cup most of the time or know good ways to get a refill. But most children get a little nervous when their cup gets near empty.

Each of our children differ in the way they receive love (their personal Love Language) and by learning to give love in the way your child best receives it, we can create stronger relationships.

Some ways that children deal with having an empty cup:
• Misbehave to get your attention and show that they need a refill
• Can’t sit for refills or actively refuse them
• Bounce off the wall when they approach empty
• Think they have to fight or compete for every refill
• Steal from other peoples cups

What fills a child’s cup?:
• Play
• Friendship
• One on one time
• Love and affection
• Connection
• Succeeding
• Doing what they love to do or what they choose to do

What empties a child’s cup?:
• Stress and strain
• Rejection by peers
• Loneliness and isolation
• Yelling and punishment
• Failing
• Fatigue
• Doing what they’re forced to do or they hate to do.