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From the Desk of Ms Jess Fritz Principal and Event Co-ordinator

Our Summerhill community celebrated our first ever Family Fun Colour Festival on the 3rd of June 2022, and what a day of vibrancy and enjoyment it was! An initiative suggested by Mrs Rajeev and implemented by our Sports department, under Mr Prinsloo, became a fantastic family opportunity for sunshine, exercise, fun and community on a beautiful Gauteng winter’s afternoon!

Our Summerhill students began the afternoon with a Junior and Senior colour run. With an exciting start the remainder of the day was dedicated to a ‘Colour Fun’ field, theme park rides, tuckshop and grade stall treats, and a community picnic!

Thank you to our sports department, support, grounds, finance and administration team for all the preemptive work, and to our academic staff for creating the excitement on the day! The students absolutely loved the day and we look forward to what next year will hold!