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There is one relationship in our lives which effortlessly scores above all other known relationships on this Earth. It is the one shared between a mother and her child. This is a priceless relationship in terms of love, dedication and devotion a mum demonstrates to her family. On Friday, 6th of May 2022, the Grade One students honoured their selfless mums and played a netball

match with them in celebrati

on of Mother’s Day. Mothers jumped into the fray with zeal, and students were determined to win. The students passed the ball back and forth as quickly as lightning. 

As they attempted to catch the ball from the students, the mothers got some involuntary exercise. The netball match provided an excellent opportunity for mothers to bond with their children. The mothers of Grade 1G and Grade 1V competed against each 

other, while the students enthusiastically cheered them on. After the netball match, the students gave their mothers Spekboom plants that they had tenderly potted. Mums were served water, tea, and muffins. This was a truly memorable event.`

Mrs Olivia Mutambiranwa – Head of Grade 1 and Event Co-ordinator

Summerhill Preparatory – 2022 GRADE 1 NETBALL WITH MUM