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On Friday the 8th of April 2022, all the Grade 6 students were introduced to the Boot Camp programme for the day. The two register teachers explained to everyone exactly what the camp was about and what the students would be doing. The grade was quite eager and they listened carefully to the two teachers. 

The day started off with a Ted talk titled “Don’t take it personally”, which gave the students insight on how to handle conflict and criticism appropriately. They listened intently and absorbed the lessons taught. We shook things up and placed the students into five groups with a few ice breakers like “Pterodactyl” and “What’s your TikTok”. The students all had such fun! Time for another Ted talk titled “The road to success”. In this video the students learnt that even though the road to success may be scattered with hurdles, perseverance and patience is key.

After a snack break, the teams were given a variety of objects and were asked to design their own obstacle course. A team member was blind folded and directed through various obstacles. Only words like left, right, forwards, backwards were used. Each member of the team was given the opportunity to be blind folded. This was great for communication and building trust. 

Teams were given quadrants of card to design a coat of arms showing the most important values of leadership. Each team put extra care, thought and effort into completing their masterpieces. This showed their understanding and personal perception leadership.

The day ended with a well deserved lunch on the sprawling lawns of Summerhill Prep, where only laughter and giggles could be heard as two extremely proud teachers looked on.

Ms Preya Pillay – Event Co-ordinator