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In Summerhill Nursery School a “Friendship Bench” has a very special place in
our playground. A place where a child can go to when they feel the need for a
friend to talk to. They can show this by using the friendship bench. Other
children and staff will recognize this as a sign that some help, support or
comfort is needed and will come to talk with the child.
The aim of this Colourful bench is to foster friendship, empathy, mindfulness
and communication; a valuable teaching tool supporting these core competencies.
Sounds simple enough, and because it’s such a basic concept kids of all ages can
take part. Because the bench is in the day-to-day environment of the school it
can be used at any time and for any reason; from seemingly trivial matters to
more serious concerns, encouraging children to ask for help when they are
Thank you Grade 0s of 2021 for buying us this bench and to the Grade 0s of
2022, along with Teacher Rosa, for decorating our bench so brightly … a beacon
of friendship and mental support on our playground.