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Summerhill International College Celebrates 30 Years Of Excellence!

As the tides change, after the challenging 2 years, our level of community consciousness has been elevated to new ways on how we can impact and change our communities both individually and collectively.

We have learnt to consider when, where, how, and why we make an impact and to strive to create a dedicated sense of belonging amongst the tumultuous forces around us. We have learned to strengthen and empower ourselves and support each other so that we can make a positive difference in the world around us.

We’ll do this by reconnecting with one another and effecting the “Climate of Change” which will be the theme that Summerhill International College will be adopting in celebration of our 30th Anniversary this year.

We have had to deal with many changes over the last two years and have come to realise that embracing change is something we can practice together as a community.

What would embracing the Climate of Change look like for our school community?

  • Adjusting to a new way of life, including our experiences in a virtual community
  • Being an advocate for environmental sustainability in a time of climate change
  • Shifting individual habits and mindsets
  • Practicing resiliency

If the last two years have taught us anything it’s that all things are possible.


Help us in our goal to
“Effect the climate of change”
By supporting our community initiatives

One of the important ways to bring change to our community is to engage in uplifting endeavors and assist those who are less fortunate than us so that they too can become functional members of society.
As an educator my great passion is in ensuring that every child has an equal chance at a great education, this can sometimes start with something as simple as a meal, a pack of stationery or even a pair of shoes. We often underestimate the impact that these little things can have on a child’s start to a great school day that can in turn result in the greatest educational experience ever.
“it is sometimes the seemingly insignificant gestures in life that brings forth significant changes in someone’s life” –

Mrs Vashni Chetty – Principal


The President’s Award
“Happy Feet Drive”.
Summerhill’s Presidents Award Team calls on you to join in this year’s
For more information, contact:

Our ongoing initiative at the school is to provide a peanut butter and jam sandwich on a weekly basis to an underprivileged school in Tembisa. Your kind donations of peanut butter and jam can be sent in before a Friday morning and bread can be sent in on a Thursday and can be delivered directly to Mrs Dube.


Empty Jars and/or/with ingredients can be delivered to our office or contact

Mrs Dube – siya@summerhill-school.co.za





Help us in our goal to

“Effect the climate of change”

By supporting our community initiatives