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We are so proud to present our brand new Nursery School buildings and grounds. We have spent many months perfecting this space for our very special children and their parents! In line with the founders vision –  “To provide students with a limitless horizon and the means to open doors to any field of achievement.” – we are consistently upgrading our facilities to provide the very best to all our students.

At Summerhill School our Nursery School Pupils are children who can:

  • Think for themselves
  • Judge for themselves
  • Express their creative potential
  • Become technologically aware
  • Value and conserve the natural environment and its living creatures.

We emphasize the social, emotional, language, sensory, motor, cognitive and creative development of each individual. We offer small classes, a tranquil, secure environment, personal attention, gross motor skills through the “Buzzi Bodies” program, a fully equipped living classroom, sports & games, swimming and soccer, educational shows, workshops and music.

Watch this space for the amazing Summerhill Preparatory building and grounds upgrade!

Come and view Summerhill Nursery School Dream Renovation by booking a tour