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The teachers at Summerhill encourage life-long learning through providing students with the skills to drive their own learning once they leave school.

Read this open letter of praise for Summerhill School from a happy parent:

Dear Summerhill College,

Cara participated in the Eisteddfod at Cornwall College on Saturday.
I would like to share her amazing results with you.
She received an A+ for Gr 7 Drumming.
We are so proud of her.
Attached please see the Eisteddfod Certificate.

I would also like to take the opportunity to express my gratitude towards Mr. Makwembere.
His passion for maths has changed the way Anika feels about the subject.
Mr. Makwembere is always uplifting and encourages his pupils to believe they can achieve anything.
Anika’s Maths marks went from 52% to 71% during the time he took over the math class.
We are truly thankful.

We are grateful that we found Summerhill. You made school a great experience for both my children. I would recommend Summerhill to anyone.

Have a wonderful day
Lynette Van Der Bijl

At Summerhill, we believe that it is important to build both foundations and skills for learning and skills for life. Foundations and skills fall into two categories: dispositions and competencies. Dispositions refers to the personal, moral, social and emotional dimensions of our students.

We believe that should we nurture, develop and encourage these aspects enabling our students to become ethical, reflective and empathetic citizens who have the ability to impact and transform the world around them. Competencies refers to the academic rigors of school life: literacy; numeracy and life skills such as: drama, music, Phys Ed and technical skills. At the Preparatory school – we focus on developing both the foundations and the skills of our students so that they are ultimately successful and flourish in high school and the college.