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Nelson Mandela International Day was held on the 18 th of July, a special day to
celebrate and honour the legacy of Nelson Mandela and his values through
volunteering and community service. Nelson Mandela continues to be an inspiration
to all of us. At this juncture in our country’s turbulent history his ideals and values to
fight poverty; promote peace; reconciliation and cultural diversity were more
relevant than ever.
The Grade Three team hosted the Mandela Day Focus Week. A Mandela online
dress-up day was held to symbolise our rainbow nation and to demonstrate the
passion and zeal that Nelson Mandela instilled in our lives. The week culminated in
discussions about the life and the achievements of Nelson Mandela.
Our students focussed on thankfulness and gratitude for small things that make our
lives special. Our Summerhill families participated in the 21-day challenge and
donated food items to our Summerhill Support Staff.
Mrs Sadie Naidoo
Head of Grade 3