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Do the Vampire Sneeze at Summerhill Nursery

Written by Caressa Govender

Hygiene lessons were received with great enthusiasm at Summerhill Nursery School during the first week of February. The principal and teachers have implemented new ways of preventing the spread of germs by teaching the children to cough like vampires and do the Dab to catch your sneeze!

Sonya Toet, principal of the nursery, explained the method the children were being taught, to cover their mouths and noses while sneezing and coughing. “The recent Corona Virus outbreak as well as the common Flu has made us think out of the box to help the children. The strategy is to sneeze into your elbow by raising your arm like a vampire raises his cloak over his face,” she said. Children also managed to sneeze into their elbows by doing the popular dance move called the Dab.

The children were asked about the vampire sneeze and were excited to share their feelings. Diyahna Pillai, a Grade 0 student at the school, said, “We have to sneeze into our elbow, otherwise the germs will spread everywhere. We don’t want to spread germs anymore.”

The children practiced all week and were awarded certificates for their good hygiene habits. They also participated in a colour-in competition. The teaching of good hygiene habits are set to continue in all areas of learning, including a science experiment dispelling the myth about the five second rule.