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There are 7 000 000 girls in South Africa between the ages of 13 and 19. This is the school going age of menstruating girls. Statistics show that 4 000 000 of these girls do not have regular access to sanitary products. In keeping with Youth day and the right for all South Africans to an  equal and quality education, Kiasha Chetty,  a student from Summerhill International College in Midrand as well as a youth ambassador for SUBZ Pads, is driving SUBZ Pads collection for Girls in need.

Research has confirmed the negative effects of poor menstrual health management on a girl’s education.  The lack of access to sanitary wear and adequate sanitation facilities can affect a girl’s attendance at school by 25% per year.  That is one week every month, which is a massive set back in their school careers. This is why Kiasha Chetty from Summerhill School is Driving SUBZ Pads Collection for Girls in Need

“To deny people their human rights is to challenge their very humanity.”

– Nelson Mandela

Menstrual Health Relates to Human Rights

How can you help? You can purchase the SUBs reusable pads and deliver to Summerhill School. They are easy to find as you can buy them at any Clicks.

Should you prefer, you can donate directly to the school.

Banking Details:
Account Name:         Summerhill College
Bank:                              First National Bank
Branch:                          Carlton Centre Branch
Branch Code:               250 205
Account Number:     62197412267

Should you wish to discuss this with the school please contact college@summerhill-school.co.za

Kiasha Contact details:

Insta: @k_chetty13

Email: kiasha13@icloud.com



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