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School Tours & Open Days

Open Days

During an open day prospective parents and pupils can visit the school during a working day. You’ll be able to visit classrooms, and often pupils will show you round and talk to you about Summerhill School. You will probably be invited to hear a talk by the headmaster, the head of admissions or the head of the relevant section of the school.

School Tours and Educational Trips

School tours and educational trips are important in many ways and means more than simply leaving the school grounds. School tours should always have a major educational element, but the impact of educational trips can extend much further. The importance of educational trips includes giving students the chance to build closer bonds with their classmates, experience new environments and enjoy a day away from the classroom. When students and teachers are together outside the classroom, new educational environments and experiences are possible. Students may have the opportunity to observe many things that are not available at school, including exotic wildlife, rare plants and maybe even the stars if the educational trip is to a planetarium. Discussing the educational trip beforehand is wise because it allows students to know what they will experience during their time away from school. School tours can give students exposure to places they might not otherwise visit. Many schools, camps and institutions offer educational trips for students to spend several hours or days outside of the classroom. School tours range from local visits to civic offices or businesses to international excursions, complete with overnight stays. Whatever their scope, educational trips can offer many advantages to the students who take them. School tours and educational trips also function to put some variety into otherwise regimented lesson plans. Instead of spending every day in the classroom, students get to learn in a new environment with new instructors. It may also give students a chance to interact with students from other schools as they learn together or participate in group activities. Please contact: Prep Admissions office for information College Admissions office for information



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