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From the desk of Mr David Bolton –  Event Co-ordinator


The MobileZoo is an interactive fun and learning experience where the audience can learn and interact with some of the animal world’s smaller wonders under the strict supervision of an animal specialist at your premises. 

Summerhill was visited by some very special guests during the second week of the third term. Students met with the world’s softest animal (Chinchilla), the world’s smallest parrot (Celestial Parrot) and many other special creatures from the Mobile Zoo of Johannesburg. This interactive lecture gave our students the chance to see, touch, hear and smell many of the unique species from around the planet. Thank you to Fanie and his team for bringing the wild to Summerhill.

The fully bilingual Fanie Barnardt a.k.a “Wildman” is a registered member of the Animal Rescue Team specializing in arachnids (spiders & scorpions), reptiles, and small mammals.