Summerhill School - Nursery, Preparatory, College


Summerhill School History – Summerhill School is situated in Midrand, Johannesburg. This school is part of the prime residential and business area which stretches from Kyalami Estates, through Beaulieu, Carlswald and Blue Hills.

Summerhill School History

Summerhill School was previously called the A+ School. It had 4 students and was run in a private house in Pretoria by Mrs Corrie de Bruyn. The original purpose of the school was to teach children effectively by means of a revolutionary study method.

It moved to the “Little Red School House” in Church Street, Halfway House in January 1991. Mrs Sonja Morshead was the Principal and teacher for Grades 3 to 7. Mrs Renate Knott taught Grades 1 and 2. There were only 12 students.

Summerhill School History

In 1992, the school had 20 students and it was registered as a non-racial, non-denominational private school dedicated to excellence.In 1993, the A+ School moved to Summerhill Farm. The numbers of students had doubled to almost 40. Mrs Pam Scott-Dawkins joined the school later that year.A Nursery School was added in January 1994 and had 5 students. Mrs Eda Gonsalves joined the Nursery School as Principal in July. The total number of A+ students increased to approximately 50. The school changed its name to Summerhill Preparatory and Nursery School a year or two later.

Summerhill School History

Today the school is recognized as one of the best Preparatory schools in its area and consists of approximately 550 pupils from Nursery (ages 3–6 years) to Grade 7. All academic staff have educational diplomas or degrees, and are fully trained in the study technology unique to this school. Students as well as parents are trained in these study methods, so that a tight team with a common purpose exists.

The establishment of Summerhill College in 2009 was motivated primarily by the parents of Summerhill Prep and Nursery School.

Numerous investigations by the Board revealed that parents from a variety of backgrounds were emigrating or being transferred around the world and encountering educational systems in their new temporary or adopted countries which differed to that of South Africa. We found a system that would be easily transportable and recognisable for other countries and one which would work well for students who wished to continue on to universities either overseas or here in South Africa. The Cambridge International education provided the answer.

During 2009 the College was housed in beautiful facilities on a tranquil country estate in Carlswald. There were 10 students. In 2010, the property adjoining Summerhill Preparatory School was fully renovated to house the new College campus with the equivalent of Grades 8, 9 and 10. The College share the Prep School’s sports fields and 25 metre swimming pool.

Summerhill College is the first Cambridge International Examination centre in Midrand. Students currently studying independently through Cambridge University in the Midrand area will be able to write their examinations at the College.