Summerhill School - Nursery, Preparatory, College


Philosophy and Ethos Of Summerhill


Founder’s Education Vision – The School, consisting of a Nursery School, Preparatory School and College, has an underlying educational philosophy, which is also my vision for the whole school, which can be stated as follows: To create an educational environment, which respects all religious beliefs, fosters integrity, decency and courage, and allows each student to flourish, prosper and ultimately realise their full potential and ability as leaders. These students are the future.

Our motto is: ability released. After having researched the Applied Scholastics Study Methodology, this educational philosophy was chosen to underpin the teaching methodology at Summerhill and all staff and students have been trained and will continue to be trained in these methods. Added to this is:

  • The “Be Drug Free” Programme
  • The “Youth for Human” Rights Programme
  • The “Way to Happiness” Programme, a non-denominational and common-sense guide to Ethical Behaviour.


The Property

Summerhill Nursery and Preparatory School was registered with the Department of Education in 1994. The spacious 8.2ha property, which houses the Prep and Nursery School, is bordered by a protected wetland and hosts beautiful old indigenous trees, African bullfrogs, Riverine rabbits, snakes, mongoose and many species of birds. We have even recently sighted a return of the black-backed jackal, which were numerous in the past, when there was no building development in the area. So you could say we are an oasis in the middle of suburbia.

The Facilities and growth

Since its inception, the Prep and Nursery Schools have grown both in numbers of students and staff, as well by the extension of classrooms and sporting facilities. The Nursery has enlarged its 3 Grade 0 classrooms, giving double the space in each classroom, which is fantastic for the “big kids” in the Nursery School. The Prep now has 9 classrooms in the Junior Phase (Grades 1-3) and in the Senior Phase of the Prep, (Grades 4-7) there are 12 classrooms, a library, Art facilities, and an Individual Tutoring facility. Our Sporting Facilities include an Athletics field, Soccer fields, Tennis Courts, Netball Courts, a Swimming Pool and Cross-Country track. Our “Forest Hall”, which was once a wooden building which was indeed used as a hall when our numbers were smaller, has recently emerged in its new incarnation after a recent fire gutted the building. It is used for karate, ballet, small events and various other activities.


Summerhill College is a natural extension of the Nursery and Preparatory School. It was always a dream, that once we had enough capital for development, we would gradually grow the school to extend to a Senior School to service students from Grade 8 to Grade 12. It has taken many years of hard work to reach this goal. The College itself was started in 2009 as a Cambridge International School, and is now a registered Cambridge Examination Centre, where students from both our College and other Cambridge schools and study centres can write their Cambridge International Examinations. As a result of researching other Cambridge Schools in South Africa who have introduced a dual system, we have introduced the IEB which will grow exponentially from grade 9 in 2015 to Grade 12 in 2018.

“It always seems impossible until it’s done”. Nelson Mandela.

Mrs Sonja Joy Anderson-Morshead BA (Unisa) HED (Wits)



Founder's Education Vision