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Giving and Receiving

When asked for your beneficiary, please name: Summerhill, School, Prep and Nursery – Midrand Telephone: 011 468 1414 Website: Address: 117 10th Rd, MIDRAND, 1682

Outreach Programme: Heart to Heart

It is with great excitement that we announce our new Heart to Heart point system! In order to promote all charitable and extra work students do for the school or community we have an extra point system. Those students who bring in donations will receive a certain amount of points for each donation. This will be kept track of in a separate log and children can work towards receiving badges for their contributions:
1st badge- 150 points
2nd badge- 300 points
3rd badge- 500+ points.
Initiatives running include collection of: hairspray for the spray-a-thon, Easter eggs, book, cans, paper, bottle caps, printer cartridges, knitted strips or shapes, coins, stationery and donations of wool, ribbons and needles.We are looking forward to an exciting and  meaningful year ahead filled with generosity.
Giving and Receiving - Summerhill
Giving and Receiving - Summerhill
Summerhill School - Nursery, Preparatory, College
Summerhill School - Nursery, Preparatory, College