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Please Note

Parents are asked to ensure that they make payment ONLY INTO THE BANK ACCOUNT/S ON THIS WEBSITE. For confirmation of the process and to verify the account details you may telephone:

Daniela - Prep & Nursery Admissions on 011 468 1414
Charmaine - College Admissions on 011 468 5986

How the Online School Application Process Works:

Step 1 – Application fee payable into our bank account (see below)

Step 2 – Fill out application form on the Nursery, Preparatory or College page

Step 3 – Upload proof of payment with the form on this page

Note**: Applications will only be successful once the non-refundable application fee of R750.00 (R675 per additional learner) is paid.

Banking details

Nursery & Preparatory


Bank: First National Bank Bank: First National Bank
Branch: 250205 Branch: 250205
Account Type: Cheque/Current Account Type: Cheque/Current
Account Name: Summerhill School Account Name: Summerhill College
Account Number: 62009003112 Account Number: 62197412267
Reference: “App: Child’s Surname, Initials (e.g. App:Bloggs,JK)”

Supporting documents

  • Proof of payment for Application fee*
  • Photo
  • Birth certificate
  • Current school report
  • Immunisation card
  • Any assessment from an Occupational Therapist, Speech Therapist, Educational Physiologist etc.


Step 5 – Once the initial criteria are met (credit check on both parents and/or 3rd party responsible for payment, academic criteria for student), the student will be invited for an academic assessment (only applicable to Grade 0 – 7).

Step 6 – Once the results are received, the Admission Secretary will be in contact to schedule a parent meeting to discuss the results, school etc.

Step 7 – Upon acceptance of an offer of admission the Accounts office will issue a letter of provisional acceptance detailing the financial requirements for admission.

College Banking Details


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