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Summerhill Admissions requires that you make a once off payment when paying deposit fees. Do not load Summerhill School as a regular Beneficiary until your child is offered a place at the school. When paying deposit fees, please use the beneficiary reference Enq: Child’s Surname, Initials (e.g. Reg:Bloggs,JK). 

  • Fees are due and payable prior to commencement of studies.
  • The College reserves the right to withhold exam results and reports should fees not be settled in full.
  • Payments other than monthly tuition fees must be made by cheque, direct deposit or electronic transfer.
  • NO CASH PLEASE. For our students’ safety, cash payments cannot be accepted on campus.
  • In terms of this agreement you undertake to notify Summerhill College via email or otherwise as to all payments made by you or on your behalf.

Electronic Payments for:


Please Note

Parents are asked to ensure that they make payment ONLY INTO THE BANK ACCOUNT/S ON THIS WEBSITE. For confirmation of the process and to verify the account details you may telephone:

Daniela - Prep & Nursery Admissions on 011 468 1414
Charmaine - College Admissions on 011 468 5986

General Electronic Payments - Summerhill
Summerhill School Electronic Payments
Summerhill School Electronic Payments
Summerhill School Electronic Payments

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