Summerhill Preparatory School


Developing People who can Think for Themselves

Summerhill is committed to nurturing potential and developing pupils who can think for themselves. The dedicated teachers have no more than 22-24 pupils in a class and can therefore help develop individual strengths. Summerhill believes that excellent English, as a means of written, read and spoken communication is vital in today’s world.
“…if we are to have bright children we must teach them to think.”

Developing People who can Judge for Themselves

At Summerhill, we guide individuals to come to their own realisations about what is right and wrong conduct. Having the personal integrity to choose the right values will lead to a successful and stable life. Summerhill is proud of being a drug-free school and discourages the use of “educational drugs” and uses safer, more effective solutions. Our “Drug-Free Marshalls’ Programme” is designed for primary school children as well as older children. It is fun, innovative and effective. This programme is supported by city officials and celebrities, including the mayor and chief of police of Midrand.

Developing People who can Express their Creative Potential

Through Summerhill’s drama and art programme, each child’s cultural skills are developed and explored to their full potential. Summerhill is passionate about aesthetic and creative expression through its Arts Programme.Summerhill instills a high level of professionalism in its students. Our children’s drama productions are of a high standard.
“A culture is only as great as its dreams, and its dreams are dreamed by artists.”

Developing People who can Fulfil the Demands of the Technological Age

Preparatory Methodology
Preparatory Methodology
Preparatory Methodology
Preparatory Methodology

At Summerhill we know that the leaders of tomorrow will include those who can best keep up with the fast-moving and ever-changing society of technological advancement.
Pupils learn:
* Problem Solving Skills
* Creative Thinking Skills
* Communication Skills
* Evaluation Skills
“Knowledge is more than data; it is also the ability to draw conclusions.”

Developing People who can Meet the Sporting Challenge

Preparatory Methodology
Preparatory Methodology
Preparatory Methodology
Preparatory Methodology

Summerhill encourages sporting achievement and constantly works to improve the school’s facilities. Professional sports coaches are employed and seasonal games are played. Sport grips the imagination and interest of the entire world. Every child at Summerhill is encouraged to take part in games, with a view to creating winners and sportsmanlike behaviour.
“When children become unimportant in a society, that society has forfeited its future.”

Developing People who can Value and Conserve

Summerhill is situated within an exclusive country estate. Our safe and secure environment ensures peace of mind. Summerhill is non denominational and an atmosphere of religious tolerance prevails, making it safe and comfortable for everyone. The policy of the school is to respect the religious beliefs of others. Summerhill upholds the right of families to choose and practise their own religious beliefs. Summerhill emphasises consciousness of the natural environment and its preservation. Field trips and Wildlife experiences are a vital part of the Summerhill programme.
“Man has reached the potential capacity to destroy the planet. He must be pushed on up to the capability and actions of saving it.”


“Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.”

John Dewey