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My name is Sonya Toet, and I have the honour of being the Principal of the Nursery School.

I have been with Summerhill School for six years as a Lead Grade One teacher and had the privilege of training alongside Eda Gonsalves (the Principal for the last 21 years) for a year before I took up the position as Principal of the Nursery School.

Summerhill Nursery School was established in 1994 to provide Summerhill Prep with well-rounded children who were fully ready for the challenges of Grade 1.

Our children are given every opportunity to develop to their best potential intellectually, physically, emotionally and socially through a varied curriculum.

Creative work and more formal learning is enhanced by music, computer lessons, eco-warriors and  physical activities, such as Buzzy Bodies, that will help strengthen muscles used in the classroom and sports plus swimming/water play and the Integrated Sports Programme. All of these activities form part of our fun filled curriculum.

We pride ourselves in providing our children with solid, old-fashioned values of good manners and respect for adults and for one’s environment.

All the above is achieved in a loving, nurturing environment for children and parents alike!

Sonya Toet
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Summerhill Nursery School.



Sonya Toet