Summerhill Nursery School


Summerhill Admissions requires that you make a once off payment when paying registration fees.

Do not load Summerhill School as a regular Beneficiary until your child is offered a place at the school.

When paying registration fees, please use the beneficiary reference Enq: Child’s Surname, Initials (e.g. Reg:Bloggs,JK).


Step 1 – Application fee payable into our bank account (see below)

Step 2 – Fill out application form here

Step 3 – Upload proof of payment with the form on this page

Note**: Applications will only be successful once the non-refundable application fee of R750.00 (R675 per additional learner) is paid. Please see the banking details:

Bank: First National Bank
Branch: 250205
Account Type: Cheque/Current
Account Name: Summerhill School
Account Number: 620 0900 3112
Swift code:  FIRNZAJJ
Reference: App: Child’s Surname, Initials (e.g. App:Bloggs,JK)


School Fees, Applications, Text Books, Extra Murals,Uniforms & Deposits

Summerhill School
Cheque Acc No: 62009003112

Nursery Electronic Payments
Nursery Electronic Payments
Nursery Electronic Payments
Nursery Electronic Payments