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Nursery Daily Program
Nursery Daily Program
Nursery Daily Program
Nursery Daily Program

Summerhill Nursery  Daily Program

Find out how the daily program is structured Summerhill Nursery School
  • A staff member is on duty from 6:55am to provide care and supervision for those parents who need an early start. We also offer Early Morning Care between 6:15 and 6:55am (at an additional cost).
  • School starts at 7:30am with fine motor activities and games.
  • This is followed with the Good Morning Lesson and Theme Discussion, Formal Work Period and Group Interaction with Teacher from 8:30am – 9:30am. Children practise fine motor skills: colouring, cutting, pasting and increase their abilities in numeracy, literacy and life skills. Other activities include news time, Show and Tell, puzzle building, educational games.
  • Toilet and Washing Hands.
  • Snack time from 9:30am – 10:00am.
  • Outdoor Play from 10:00am – 10.30am. Gross Motor Activities: Practising of fundamental skills needed to play cricket, soccer, tennis and swing ball. Constructive use of jungle gym and swings. Imaginative games with friends. Dressing up, pouring and measuring water, digging and moulding in sandpit.
  • Indoor Constructive Play from 10:30am – 11.45am. This is an extremely busy learning through play period with a choice of activities including:
  • Fine Motor Activities: Jigsaw puzzles, educational games, wooden blocks, dough, cutting out creatively, drawing or pasting, use of certain Montessori equipment.
  • Creative Activities: The child explores different creative media – paint, glue, pastels, wax crayons, waste material construction, and so on.
  • During the week, the children participate in extra-mural activities, which are included in the school fees – class swimming (for Grade 0 and 00), water activities (for Grade 000 and 0000), Buzzi Bodies – Gross Motor / Preparatory Sports Skills Programme (All Grades), introduction to computers (Grade 00 and 0), Library (Grade 0), movement to music, percussion and “Let’s Move It” (All Grades). These are offered during the school day before 1:15pm.
  • Toilet and Washing Hands.
  • Lunch Break from 12:00pm – 12:30pm.
  • The Grade 000s and 0000s sleep between 11:45am and 12:45pm (parents supply a blanket and pillow)
  • Pack bags and tidy classroom 1:00 pm.
  • Optional Home Time 1:15pm.
  • Paid Extra-murals (Parents select these activities and pay the fees): Pottery, Ballet, Eco-Warriors, Karate, Little Kickers and Extra Swimming are offered before 1:15pm.
  • Summerhill School buses leave at 2:00pm (1:00pm on Fridays). This is a service offered to children living near the school.
  • Nursery School children with siblings in the Preparatory School may stay at school until 3:00pm (Mondays – Thursdays)
  • School closes at 1:00pm Fridays
  • Aftercare starts at 3:00pm (Mondays to Thursdays),  1:00pm Fridays.