Summerhill College



  • Once-Off Application/ Registration Fee: R750
  • Security Deposit Requiredwhich is separate to the school fees
    A deposit equivalent to one term’s fees (four months) is payable before the student may start. It has to be “topped-up every year” so that the deposit is equal to one term’s fees at all times.
    The Security Deposit is refundable, without interest, on receipt of one full term’s written notice, less any outstanding fees.
  • Cambridge Exam Fees: – Applicable to IGCSE2 (Grade 10) & AS2 (Grade 12)
    Fees are charged per subject by Cambridge and will be invoiced separately.
    Cost to be advised.
  • IEB Exam Fees – Grade 12 – R7 115 for 7 subjects – Extra subjects charged per subject
  • Parents Association Fee – R500 per annum
  • Locker Fee – R300 per annum
  • Transport: payable monthly in advance with school fees. Transport is billed over 9 months i.e. January to March, May to July and September to November.
  • After care: R55 per day
  • Extras
    Text Books- Basically Books or Exclusive books
    School Uniforms -Mac School Wear
    School camps – Grades 8 & Grade 10 Approx. R1500 (prices to be confirmed)
  • School Fees Include
    School photographs & School magazine
  • Note: Fees are payable in advance over 12 months

All College Fees, tuition fee payments (unless paid in advance) must be made by debit order.

Banking details


Bank: First National Bank
Branch: 250205
Account Type: Cheque/Current
Account Name: Summerhill College
Account Number: 62197412267
Reference: “Student’s Surname, and First Name (e.g. Bloggs,Jenny)”


  •  Summerhill College fees are due and payable prior to commencement of studies.
  • The College reserves the right to withhold exam results and reports should fees not be settled in full.
  • Payments other than monthly tuition fees must be made by cheque, direct deposit or electronic transfer.
  • NO CASH PLEASE. For our students’ safety,cash payments cannot be accepted on campus.
  • In terms of this agreement you undertake to notify Summerhill College via email or otherwise as to all payments made by you or on your behalf

College Registration Fee

Entrance Assessment: A non-refundable assessment fee  is payable by non-Summerhill Prep School students prior to potential students sitting the entrance exam. A once off, non-refundable registration fee for the enrolment of each new student is payable upon the acceptance of a space offered at the College for their child. For more information contact the admissions office. Deposit:

  • The deposit must be equal to one term’s fees at all times and thus will be topped up annually. It is fully refundable provided Summerhill College notice requirements are fulfilled and school fees are up to date.
  • Should the school fees increase during any given year, the deposit needs to be “topped up” to equal a term’s fees at all times.
  • It needs to be understood and agreed that the deposit, which is in line with the policy practised in a number of independent schools, is there to serve a number of functions:
    • A guarantee of late notice fees (equivalent to the term’s fees.)
    • The generation of interest, which will be used to provide service facilities for the school whilst the capital is held in trust.
    • A final capital repayment to the parent when the student leaves the school.
    • Parents are invited to leave the deposit as a donation to the Building Fund when their children leave the school.


  • The school does have a bursary committee, which offers limited places to disadvantaged families.
  • The school may offer certain limited free bursaries, depending on its resources.
College Fees
College Fees
College Fees
College Fees

Schedule of Fees 2020