2017 has been a great year for our president’s awards candidates, the number of participants have doubled this year with the vast majority from our foundation group. The College pupils have shown great effort by taking the initiative to develop themselves and move forward to the next level.

The President’s Awards is a self-development initiative that encourages the youth to find their passion, get active, and make a difference in their communities. The program targets young people aged 14 -25, to think big and reach their full potential. There are three levels to the programme Bronze, Silver and Gold. In order to achieve these levels one must fulfil each category according to its requirements such as Physical recreation, Adventurous Journey, Skill and a Service.

The College student’s involvement and participation took on much effort and initiative this year with students choosing their own activities such as learning a language, dance classes, park runs etc. Camps were also attended as participants had to fulfil the requirement of an adventurous journey, encouraging them to come out of their shells and adapt to a new environment socially and actively. Most took advantage of the extra mural activities and programs that the college due to the accessibility such as the relevant sports that is offered at the college like netball, soccer and physical education. These categories which The President’s Awards offers has encourages the student to use the resources and initiatives offered by the school.  A vast number of our participants have been involved in programs such as the student council, helping with events such as Purple day, garden club and other charity initiatives.

At Summerhill, we look forward to also awarding our first Gold participant which will be a great achievement and potentially put Summerhill college on the map with regards to youth development. This will be an exciting step to take in the years to come.

Our vision for The President`s Awards and Summerhill International College is to encourage our students to be self-developed Our mission is to   double our participation which could potentially encourage all students to participate once enrolled at the college. The mission with the assistance of Coach Alfred Phiri the Schools college`s award leader, is to help empower our young people by providing a non-competitive environment. 2018 will be an exciting year for participants going further in their levels, as well as external programmes such as youth forums and committees, which approach the bigger issue facing the youth and where we are going as a nation and how they can contribute to the growth of South Africa. We have affiliations such as Community hours SA on board to make sure we are on track when it comes to community building.

We look forward to building a greater Summerhill along with a greater community.