Summerhill School Staff vs Opens Netball ChallengeOur humorous Head of Sport, David Bolton is attempting to herd cats by putting together a staff Netball team to play against our Opens next week. We do this every year and the students find it super entertaining.
Lets see what the Open Team can produce as our staff team are getting ready! We are so looking so forward to this years Summerhill School Staff vs Opens Netball Challenge.
This is what David had to say to his recruits:
Welcome our Staff NetBall team for 2018! I specifically picked YOU since you are the best… Your training plan is a 10k run every morning and heavy weight lifting in the evening. Add six to twelve raw eggs to your diet everyday before breakfast. No late nights, alcohol, boyfriends, brawling or Netflix binges. I need you sharp, keen and perceptive. Grow your nails out, the team you playing is rough. All I can offer you is an orange slice, a chance for glory and a fist-pump of respect.

Summerhill School Staff vs Opens Netball Challenge


Team and positions:

Stephanie Shazaam! Centre/Goal Attack (Captain)
Bronwyn Bronson Goal Shooter
Sam Sampson Wing Defence
Candice Courageous Goal Attack/Centre
Clare Commander Goal Defence
Ileene Increbile Wing Attack
Paulette Powerful Goal Keeper

“Nobody ever defended anything successfully, there is only attack and attack and attack some more.” General Patton