December News

Hello Parents,

Our monthly newsletter is here once again, and this month we are focusing on creating resilient, emotionally mature & independent adults. We also take a look at important dates of the month, themes of the week, and some awesome pictures taken at our first ever Rainbow Run – which was super fun and successful!
With regard to raising one’s child to be independent and emotionally mature when they enter adult life, we take a look at the term – ‘helicopter parenting’. This term refers to parents who are over-involved in their children’s lives – always waiting to “pick up the pieces”. They always have an explanation for their child’s mistakes, and often find another reason/person to blame. To understand why it is important to avoid doing this, download our latest newsletter by clicking on the button below.

“The most imporant thing that parents can teach their children is how to get along without them” – Frank Clark (Educator).