December News

Dear Parents,

The first few days of a new school. teacher or class can be met with a mix of excitement and anxiety for children and parents alike. Although it is fun to embark on a new adventure and many pre-schoolers delight in the feeling of being “big”, change can be scary for them (and their worried parents!)

While a highly orchestrated morning routine might get you out the door on time, that final goodbye can leave even the most up-beat pre-schooler in a puddle of tears.

Separation is difficult and it’s only natural for children to feel anxious when saying goodbye to their parents. In fact, separation anxiety is a normal part of child development. It can begin before their first birthday and pop up again (multiple times) even into primary school. It sometimes occurs later in the school year too.

Crying tantrums and regressed behaviour are all common symptoms of pre-schoolers experiencing separation anxiety. When a child is challenged by a new developmental task or stress, they are likely to temporarily lose ground in an area recently mastered.

As you prepare to drop your child off at school, try these strategies which can be found in our weekly newsletter to help them cope with the seperation anxiety.

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