December News

Dear Parents,

Here are some of the things that we, as the Summerhill School staff strive for.

What we imagine you expect from us:

  • That your child receives an excellent, holistic education.
  • That your child is treated with love and respect.

What we hope to achieve:

  • Happy children with good manners and values.
  • Independent children.
  • Children who are ready to face scholastic challenges of the next grade.

What you as parents can do:

  • Form a partnership with us and support us.
  • Avoid car park and children’s party gossip.
  • Do not talk about your child in front of them.
  • Never speak negatively about your teacher or the school in front of your child.
  • Help where and when you can.
  • Look at your child’s work on display.
  • Reinforce our key values.
  • Encourage your child to be independent.

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