December News

Dear Parents,

This weeks newsletter discusses steps one should take if ever your child is hit by another, and to teach them how to react to this. No other situation can make a parent feel as powerless, or upset than when a child comes home from school complaining that another child hits them. It is very common for pre-school aged chil-dren to pinch, kick, bite, slap or act out aggressively due to developing social skills, immature im-pulse control, frustration or delayed speech.

However, making sure that a child knows how to react when another child hits them is the responsi-bility of their parents in conjunction with other adults in their environment. Given that children mimic what they see at home, parents should lead by example. Avoid all forms of physical punish-ment so that children do not learn to use aggression or physical means as a survival mechanism.

Make your child aware of the harm that lashing out physically can cause. Never advise your child that they should respond by hitting back. Instead, listen to your child carefully in order to fully understand where and when they were hit and who participated in these acts.

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