Summerhill School has joined the #Spekboom Challenge- its Official

Photo credit: Owl Rescue Centre

There is more to the #Spekboom Challenge than a viral internet challenge. At Summerhill School we are totally committed to this local eco-conservation initiative and are super excited to do our part to clean up our environment one wonder plant at a time! So, Summerhill School has joined the #Spekboom Challenge- its Official.


What Is Spekboom?

Spekboom (Portulacaria Afra), an indigenous South African plant, is also known as the Pork Bush or Elephant’s Food. This incredibly hardy plant, which can grow up to 5m tall,  is mainly found in the Eastern Cape and flourishes in semi-arid conditions.  Spekboom can live up to 200 years! One of the most exciting attributes of this leafy succulent is its ability to feed and thrive on carbon dioxide.  Its immense carbon-storing capabilities and capacity to offset damaging carbon emissions are comparable to that of moist, subtropical forests.
Absorbing up to 10 tons of carbon dioxide per hectare per year, Spekboom has the potential to mop up the excess CO2 responsible for climate change. On another note, Spekboom doesn’t burn, making it a hardy plant to withstand veld fires and great material for firebreak hedges. Due to its succulent nature and agile behaviour, it can withstand drought too making it ever present in nature.
Might we mention that we can eat it too! Its little delicious lemony succulent leaves contain loads of Vitamin C as well as several other minerals.

Why the Challenge?

Well it does seem fairly obvious! If we increase the number of these plants, by either uprooting water guzzling plants from our gardens or decorating our homes with a few potted plants, that the purpose of the #Spekboom challenge is to decrease carbon emissions across the country.

Fun fact: The Spekboom plant only requires 250 – 350ml of water per year to survive!

Growing your own Spekboom is as easy as breaking off a shoot of the plant and potting it in some well-drained soil. Ensure that your plant gets enough sunshine and it should maintain its bright green appearance for years to come.

Join us in the #SummerhillSpekboom Challenge and do your bit for the environment. So far, our Grade 7 teachers and students are getting Summerhill on the map in regard to the 2020 Spekboom Challenge. Please assist them by bringing in egg trays, plastic / cardboard containers or fruit trays so that they can begin to propagate their own plants.

Summerhill School has joined the #Spekboom Challenge- its Official

Watch this space for more news on our school Spekboom initiative.

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