Summerhill protects the environmentSummerhill-protects-the-environment-with-bee-hotelsOnce again, we have found a marvellous way to ensure our environment is protected with the help of our dedicated principal, Ms. Clare Locker. Read about how Summerhill protects the environment – Solitary Bee Hotel
She has a heart for ensuring our students are exposed to as many opportunities as possible to invest in the sustainability of our environment for their generation and those to follow.
In true Summerhill Spirit, we have now “opened” our very own Bee-Inns and Bee Hotels that are featured in prime locations, specially selected for these exceptional little travellers.
In addition to the Bee Hotels, we are also promoting the use of Spekboom trees to help clean our environment from carbon and to replenish oxygen.
A note from the principle on the Solitary Bee Hotel

According to Grow Wild UK, solitary bees are easily overlooked but they are known to pollinate plants more efficiently than honeybees.

They provide an essential pollination service, pollinating our crops and ensuring that plant communities are healthy and productive. Without them mammals and birds would not have the seeds, berries or plants on which they depend: in fact, approximately one in three mouthfuls of food and drink require pollination.

Wild flowers provide essential resources of pollen and nectar for these busy workers. Solitary bees also need ample nesting opportunities which is why the Bee Hotels are so important.

Summerhill School has bought ten Bee Hotels which are being placed around the perimeter of our grounds to provide homes to these very important creatures. Sergio Ferreira who makes these wonderful Hotels addressed Summerhill Preparatory School at Assembly. He outlined the wonderful work that solitary bees do and explained to the students how Summerhill can support these insects.

At Summerhill School, we work hard to support and protect our environment and we appreciate its importance in our lives.

Mrs Clare Locker