The Summerhill Nursery School provides the children with solid, old-fashioned values of good manners and respect for adults and for their environment. All the above is achieved in a loving, nurturing environment for the children and their parents. Hurry! Apply for your preschooler to attend Summerhill Nursery School in 2019 now and qualify for a reduced deposit. All applications are welcome for Grade 0000 – Grade 00 (Ages 2 – 5 years). At Summerhill Nursery School, we emphasize the social, emotional, language, sensory, motor, cognitive and creative development of each individual. We offer small classes, a tranquil, secure environment, personal attention and gross motor skills through the “Buzzi Bodies” program.We offer a fully equipped living classroom, sports & games, swimming and soccer, educational shows, workshops and music. Summerhill Nursery School children are taught from an early age to think & judge for themselves, be creative, become technologically aware and conserve the natural environment.

For your pre-schooler to attend Summerhill Nursery School in 2019 now and qualify for a reduced deposit

“Our children are given every opportunity to develop to their best potential intellectually, physically, emotionally and socially through a varied curriculum. Creative work and more formal learning is enhanced by music, computer lessons, eco-warriors and physical activities. All of these activities fall part of our fun filled curriculum.” – Sonya Toet  Principal Summerhill Nursery School.

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