Summerhill College embraces TEDEd Connect

Summerhill College embraces TEDEd Connect and joins the stage that celebrates the ideas of teachers and students around the world. On 2nd April 2019, Summerhill College had its very first TED-Ed connect call with a group called ZS Wolbrom TED Ed  group from Zespół Szkół w Wolbromiu School in Poland.

This group of 8 girls discussed about the education system in Poland. It was a very interesting video call over Skype where students gained knowledge about education and schooling there and they exchanged their views on various aspects of education. So Summerhill College embraces TEDEd Connect.

In TED Ed club students learn the following under guidance:

  1. Identify the elements of a great idea
  2. Think critically about the ideas they’re exposed to online and in real life
  3. Research, develop, and craft their ideas into compelling, spoken narratives (TED-style Talks!)
  4. Give and receive meaningful feedback on each other’s presented ideas
  5. Use visuals, camera, lighting and sound to record and share their ideas effectively

Following students are applauded for their commendable work towards this:

  • Charlene (Group Lead)
  • Kiasha Chetty
  • Rishita Bharani
  • Khanya
  • Tadiwanshe Mpofu
  • Naluwki
  • Amanda