Summerhill collects 764 Litres of water for the Mix 93.8 Water Drive

Mix 93.8 is running a great eco friendly drive, where they ask schools to save water. The school that saves the most water will win R100 000 worth of advertising on Mix 93.8.

Vashnie Cherry  (the principial of Summerhill College) spoke to Mix 93.8 about their water savings drive.

She said that Summerhill showing the students that not everyone has access to basic human rights, makes the children more aware of the things we take for granted, and they are happy to give back to the community, which is what Summerhill is all about.

They reached out to the Midrand community, students and their parents, to help them reach 1000 litres for a great cause, and Vashnie Cherry thanks Mix 93.8 for bringing this to their attention. She thanked all students and parents for their support and said “when we send out a cry for help, the students and the parents get involved, and that shows the leaders we are producing for tomorrow”

Listen to the radio interview here