Spekboom comes to Summerhill Preparatory SchoolIn line with our Vision to raise awareness, to value and to conserve our natural environment we introduced the humble Spekboom plant to our school today. How exciting it is that the Spekboom comes to Summerhill Preparatory School

According to www.plantzAfrica.com – Spekboom (or Portulacaria afra) is a humble succulent that has lots of beneficial qualities. Amongst many other things, Spekboom: is water-wise; is indigenous to the Eastern Cape; acts like a carbon sponge absorbing carbon from the air (very important in Midrand); is a delicacy for elephants and black rhino and it has lots of nutritional value.

Each classroom, and office, has been gifted with a little Spekboom plant. The teachers have given each of their plants a name and the students are going to assist in ensuring that their class Spekboom remains happy and well looked after. Spekkie, Oxzy, Monster Bubble and Maria are a few of the names that the plants have been given.

We are proud to announce that we have introduced an impressive one hundred Spekboom plants to Summerhill Nursery, Preparatory and College and we are very excited about this most beneficial addition to our family. Summerhill School strives to be an oasis, in Midrand, for fauna and flora. We have also introduced batboxes, owl boxes, a compost heap, an Earthworm Farm and a fully operational Outdoor Classroom – to name a few.

We look forward to a long, happy and healthy relationship with our Spekboom here at Summerhill!