December News

Dear Nursery Teaching Staff

It is with enormous pride and admiration that I dedicate this note in our weekly newsletter to you … our amazing Teachers at Summerhill Nursery.

With patience and understanding you have accepted the challenge to teach our little ones from afar, not an easy task for us, as our nature is to cuddle, support and nurture children in our care, up close and personal.

You have created an on-line curriculum where none existed, and tirelessly put workbooks together when it is all but taboo in early childhood development to consider this route. Endless Google Meets and Zoom meetings well into the night to help create that strong foundation needed for the rest of their schooling careers. You truly have gone above and beyond in achieving this; as technologically impaired as we can be at times!

You have supported each other as you embrace these technologies, and shared the many teaching aids you have found online with your colleagues unselfishly. You have all shown your true colours and for this I couldn’t have asked for a more cohesive and supportive team for our children and parents.

I know you too have children at home tackling online schooling, you have laundry, dishes and house-work to do, families to feed and nurture, and you are working from home.

HOW DO YOU DO IT?… I think I know…


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