December News

Dear Nursery Parents,
COVID -19 Update as we enter Level 4,

Since our last communication two weeks ago which outlined the start of our E Learning Programme, we hope that all our little ones have settled into the routines of this new way of life for a while.

We are encouraged by last night’s announcement that we will be moving into Level 4 of our emergency plan and we eagerly await the communication from the Minister of Education with the way forward for schools and ECD cen-tres. We also acknowledge his efforts in supporting those struggling with growing levels of poverty across our country.

Summerhill Nursery will be ready to pick up our campus based schooling with a number of relevant tweaks and changes with the strict health considerations (masking, screening requirements, social distancing, decontamination, and possible staggered classes etc.) stipulated by the government. We will not compromise the safety of our learners and will consider all our options very carefully when the time comes.

We are acutely aware of the strain that lockdown has caused and continues to work on all our families during this difficult period of economic challenge. Our goal is to continue offering quality programmes during and post the Covid-19 period.

Once again I would like to reiterate that our focus is on health and on ensuring that the age-level achievements are met this year. For example, and by far our largest challenge, is preparing our Grade 0s for their more formal teach-ing careers in the Preparatory School.

Our teachers know what is required for the rest of the term and have developed well thought out teaching plans. Teacher Tracy continues to support students in need of a little extra guidance and our Speech and Occupational sup-port has continued quietly in the background. To all these fantastic professionals I am truly grateful. The quality and dedication of our teaching staff is now clearly visible.

To our parent body; what you have accomplished in a week of teaching is phenomenal! Your energy and dedication makes us all proud to be a part of this Summerhill community.

We will be in touch once we have a clearer understanding of the parameters we are able to work within.
Enjoy the long weekend Parents, and stay safe!
Much Love, Mrs Toettie Fruittie


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